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Car Editors

There are several car editors available for 4D/Stunts. All programs help you editing the RES car files, i.e. they let you change a car's performance and behaviour, but not its appearance. If you know how to edit the appearance, i.e. the model of 4D/Stunts cars, please tell me.

Car Blaster
A very sophisticated editor for DOS that was programmed by Markus Nagelholz. It gives you complete control over the car data file. Some people find it hard to use but it is the ultimate tool for any serious car editing.

An easy to use DOS based program that lets you change all basic car features like gear ratio, maximum RPM and alike.

New!Windows Caredit (in German)
A great car editor for Windows written by Mirko Ruschmeyer. It lets you edit most known aspect of 4D/Stunts cars through a nice and easy to use interface. It also offers a visual power curve.

Contest Helper

This utility inserts your name along with the desired car and time into the first position of any 4D/Stunts highscore file. It is intended for people who take part in 4D/Stunts contests that allow you to use the "continue feature", but at the same time require you to send in a HIG file with your name and time in it.

Opponent Editor

Robert Riebisch created the Opponent Blaster (OB), a nifty little tool that enables you to edit the opponents in Broderbund Stunts 1.0.  It enables you to set the maximum speed an opponent 'dares' to drive fall all the track tiles separately. The program provides a fancy, easy too use interface and is mostly self explanatory.

If you usually use Stunts 1.0 and the built in opponents are to slow for your taste, this program is a must have; download Opponent Blaster 1.03 (8kb) right now! You will always find the latest version on this page.

Stunts Highscore Tool

Completely redone version. Many bugs are fixed!

A Windows 3.1 compatible programme by Martin Brunner that allows you to merge 4D/Stunts highscore file. You can also export their content into a text file. Download STHIGH now!

You may also need to get the Visual Basic 1.0 run time library (150kb, not local)

Terrain Editor

Here is a program I had created before I learned how to access the built in scenery editor (press SHIFT+F1). Check out the readme.txt for more information.

Although in retrospect all the effort was pretty much in vane, I have at least learned about the structure of 4D track files.

The map in 4D Sports Driving and Stunts is square shaped and consists of 30x30 little squares. i.e. 900 little fields. Two pieces of information are assigned to each of them, one for the scenery (1 byte) the other one for the track (1 byte). So we have 2 byte times 900 plus one byte for the horizon, that's 1801 byte per track. There's an additional byte at the end of the file whose purpose I don't know.

x000h-x383h This block contains the track information i.e. where you put the start/finish line, all the roads, loops, jumps and stuff. The first byte points to the bottom left corner of the map. Consequently the first 30 bytes describe the bottom line and the 900th byte i.e. x383h (-1 because the first byte is actually x000h) the top left corner of the map. I will add an image here shortly that will make this abundantly clear (I hope).
x384h Specifies what the horizon looks like. Here are the valid values:
Value Horizon
x00h Dessert
x01h Tropical
x02h Alpine
x03h City
x04h Country
x385h-x709h The scenery information is stored here. The mapping is different form the track block. Byte x385h specifies the top left corner, byte x709h the bottom left.

Here are the valid values with there corresponding piece of landscape.

Value Landscape
x00h terrain element
x01h terrain element
x02h terrain element
x03h terrain element
x04h terrain element
x05h terrain element
x06h terrain element
x07h terrain element
x08h terrain element
x09h terrain element
Value Landscape
x0Ah terrain element
x0Bh terrain element
x0Ch terrain element
x0Dh terrain element
x0Eh terrain element
x0Fh terrain element
x10h terrain element
x11h terrain element
x12h terrain element
x70Ah I don't know what this byte is for; if you have any idea please tell me!

I will soon add some more information here, especially about the track elements.

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