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In this section you can find some track that I and my friends created over the last few years. You can either download them individually or get a .zip (480kb) containing all tracks . Below I split them up into different categories so you can download a specific track more easily. A high score file is usually included, though you should check back at my high score page for the latest rankings.


My Tracks: Other People's

go up Longer Tracks

The tracks in this section are all of considerable length. Most of them were developed over a longer period of time and we did our best to make them interesting to drive.

Name: Description: Author:
EXTREME An extremely long track, rather difficult. Takes about 13mins. Jonas Luell
Lang Drei A modified version of EXTREME Christian Sigg
Al (Bundy) Very boring. Actually I wanted to create a tedious track by repeating all available track-elements again and again. Lukas Löhrer
Car Kill Extremely difficult. No one has ever made it around this one. Many dangers and hidden traps will make you crash too (?).
Note: This track may not be finishable at all because of the 25min time limit, so don't despair if you fail.
Jonas Luell
Barani-City A city track. Very interesting. Christian Sigg
Barani One Chris first attempt. A long and nicely decorated circuit. Christian Sigg
Barani Two This track is meant to confuse you. It's quite chaotic and you will easily loose the right way. It even contains a little closed track in the track. Confused? Check it out yourself!
Thanks to Loza, the archive contains a possible solution that is even illustred by a replay.
Christian Sigg
Stone My sister's first cool creation. It's mostly about mastering elevated road. Sabina Löhrer
Action Jackson An action loaded track, quite challenging Chris and me

go up Skills

The tracks in this section are mostly short ones. Each of them is very special in its own way and takes a particular skill to be driven quickly. If you consider yourself a good driver, try to beat our high scores on these circuits!

Name: Description: Author:
Exercise This track will teach you to drive the corkscrew in perfection. Jonas Luell
Exercise Three Very similar to Exercise, just a bit more difficult. Jonas Luell
Drunk A lot of curves. If you aren't drunk already, you will be after driving this circuit :-). Jonas Luell
Nerves One Track consisting mostly of elevated corners. Jonas Luell
Nerves Two Track consisting mostly of sharp corners and tunnels. Jonas Luell
Ecke An experimental track. You will have to "fly" around the corners to challenge my high score. Chris and me
Ausnutz Another experimental track. We tried to make best use of the provided room. Unknown
Daniel Short and simple track. Try to beat me!! Daniel ??
Exercise Two Another short and simple track. I was very quick on this one! Jonas Luell
Lukas One This track is full of bends. It will demand your driving skills to the utmost. Lukas Löhrer
Luke One This track is to be driven at full throttle. Lukas Löhrer
Speed This track is to be driven at full throttle as well, though it is way more difficult than Luke One. Lukas Löhrer
Priv A very primitve track. You'll have to 'cheat' to beat us. Christian Sigg
Blabla Cool track; a very difficult jump right at the beginning. A replay is included. Chris and me

go up Edited Terrain

The following tracks all take advantage of the ability to change the terrain, which is provided by my terrain editor, 4D T-ED.

Name: Description: Author:
Big L A biiiiig L (Lukas). Lukas Löhrer
Big B The biiiiig B (Barani) Christian Sigg
Barani Hills A hilly track!! Christian Sigg

go up Cool Tracks

At last, I brought myself to collect some tracks that people sent me during the past few months and to put them into this section. Don't send me more tracks because I haven't got time to update this page.

Name: Description: Author:
!water! Flooding! Everywhere is water! So take care!
Do not try to edit this track with your normal stunts-editor. This will destroy the track!
Daniel Hoelzenbein
!asym! Flood and snow! An intersting track that offers a variety of different driving situations. Don't skid or you'll get your feet wet.
Do not try to edit this track with your normal stunts-editor. This will destroy the track!
Daniel Hoelzenbein
!crazy! An action loaded track, some flooded ice; heed the nasty jumps.
Do not try to edit this track with your normal stunts-editor. This will destroy the track!
Daniel Hoelzenbein
!pain! Another cool track by Daniel. It includes an amazing jump and some other surprises. Daniel Hoelzenbein
!T3000! A fast track with some cool special effects. You will love it! Daniel Hoelzenbein
Air Wave Typical Stunts track: Just create as many jumps as possible. A fast action loaded track. Robert Gordon
Symmetry Quite a long track; makes extensive use of the terrain editor. Very well designed. Tim Hansen
Over Under Again a longer track; lots of terrain changes, interesting to drive. Tim Hansen
Hillsfz A very long track that uses the track in track techinque. It is very detailed and employs new ways of using some stunts. Get it! Foeke Zeilstra
Chad's Killer Tracks A collection (11) of long and difficult tracks that were built to crash your car. The ultimate challenge for every ambitious driver; get them! Chad Griffiths
OKEYDOKE A rather long track, very curvy, quite difficult. Daniel
REDIC Another long track. Smoothly dirvable, not too hard. Daniel
ANXIETY Quite a short track. According to the author it was built to test people's reflexes and manuvering. Dave Drahan
Bob Dole Rather convertional track; many stunts, pretty hard to drive. Bruce Wells
JB's Track Pack A collection of brilliant tracks, they are all very well designed and offer a lot of variety. A 'must get'. Jakub Barski
Ultimate A challenging track, quite curvy. It's some what similar to 'Lukas1'. Can you beat Jesper's high score? Jesper Rathsach
Tone A rather short track; you will have to drive very cleanly to achieve competetive times on this one. Bellevue Manor
Killer 2-6 A collection of long tracks. They are all relatively easy to drive and very well designed. Certainly worth downloading! John Smith
Pipe_Plus The main idea of the three pipe tracks is to do cool tricks in the pipe.  The 'Fast' series are well designed tracks and allow you do drive very quickly. There is also an off-road track. Don't try to edit 'Weird'; it would destroy the tracks. James Midtdal
STC's Track Pack A collection of 16 intesting tracks. A tuned up version of the Porsche Indy is also included to enhance your driving pleasure. Simon
City A-B A cute track. You can drive through to cities at high speed without worring about being fined. A high score and a replay are also included. Wilczek
Prodigy Pack Eleven interesting tracks, most of them longer ones. High scores are included so you can put yourself to the test. Dagfinn Walding
Maze A maze. Find your way through it. Aaron Camere
CeIltsei's Trax A package of 33 amazing tracks. A must have! CeIltsei
Launceston This track is a vague representation of Launceston. Shaun
RaceSHIF This race track is built for speed (hence, the 1st half of the track's name). Um..wEN
Zig-Zag Long track, quite confusing, some interesting Stunts Arik Ninio
Stunts Well, you'd better see for yourself! Binno
X-Files You have to play this track against a computer opponent. At the first turn off, computer will go straight, but you must go right. Watch the dangerous crossings and beat the computer despite the longer way you took! OldMan
Mirella This track was built to race against a superiorly motorised computer oppontent. OldMan
The final pack Three difficult tacks, including good high scores and replays. Try to beat them an contact the author. Eugene
SAS's tracks More tracks SAS
Sheiner's More tracks Sheiner Family
Sim's Tracks More tracks The Sim Brothers
Charter's Tracks Three cool tracks Charter
Andrej's Tracks Two tracks Andrej Killian
Rollercoaster Track Includes a replay S.P. Oosterkamp
Tracks by Petri More tracks Petri
1way Long ago, in a drafting class far, far away, there was born a track destined to reverse the roles of car and driver. It was deleted by a evil forse and remained forgotten... Till at last the one who would come, the Originator, and give live back to a distant memory. So now search to cross the thin blue line, it's jumps will catch you, it stunts will entertain you. And you will find, that there is only one way... Chris Leigh
XtremeRacing New! A track and a modified car fam van Eekelen
Island Custom Terrain: Features one big hill surrounded by water. One Path.
Difficulty: MEDIUM
Recommended Car: Any car faster than 200
Approx Compeltion Time: 10 - 12 minutes.
Features: Lots of bridges, Low quanity of stunts
Ultima Custom Terrain: Features a few hills and the east side is a lake.
Mostly One Path, with occasional equal-distance branches.
Difficulty: EXTREME
Recommended Car: Indy
Approx. Completion Time: 19 - 21 minutes.
Features: Difficult turns, Short-Distance Jumps.
Ultima2 Custom Terrain: Completely flat, no water or hills.
Mostly One Path, with occasional equal-distance branches.
Difficulty: EXTREME
Recommended Car: Indy
Approx. Completion Time: 21 - 24 minutes.
Features: Speed traps, Short-Distance Jumps, Distance mirages,
"Straightaway From Hell", Vision Skewing corkscrew sequences.
More Tracks Several Tracks Jan-Hein and Stijn
More from Andrej 3 Tracks Andrej Killian
Trackpack Many tracks Unknown; tell me if they are yours
HotShotTracksk Many tracks Unknown; tell me if they are yours
ActZone A track an a tuned Porsche Andrew
BigLong A long track; can you achive a time under 10 minutes? Alan Dalicandro

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