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Following a suggestion by Alan Brincat I will try to organize a 4D contest on this site. It will work thus:

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There have to be some rules in order to make it a fair contest. Here is what I have come up with so far:

How to Enter

Everybody can enter the contest at any time. You can join in the middle of a "season", even if you did not submit times for any previous months. Just download the current track, drive it and send your submsssion.


A proper submission includes the following things:

If it is your very first submission, I would appreciate the following information:

You can submit as many high scores as you want as long as you respect the deadline. I will only count your best one.


New! As of September 1st 1997, you may use the 'Continue Driving' feature of the 'Replay Menu'. This enables you to wind back the 'tape' after a crash and drive a difficult passage again. Allowing this is an experiment. I might change my mind again next month.

When recording a replay for the contest please do not drive against a computer opponent, because I cannot tell your time from the size of the replay if you do so (sorry Markus!).


As you probably know, there are different versions of Stunts and 4D Sports Driving out there; those versions do not perform equally, i.e. some of them will let you achieve quicker times more easily.
In order to compensate this unfairness at least to a certain extent, I created this carfile for 1.0 users only that will enhance the performance of their game to a competitive level. The following list tells you which cars you may use:

Any other combinations or self tuned cars are not allowed; in particular if you have got version 1.1 of the game, you may not use the contest car. If you do still not know which car to use, just ask me.


Please do not cheat deliberately! If I catch breaking the rules repetitvely and with aforethought, I might disqualify you.


If you have any suggestions for additional rules or want one of them changed, you are welcome to tell me. This contest will only be fun if many people take part. Don't be ashamed if you can't beat the best time; you may still get some points, so submit your high score anyway. Please tell all your friends about this contest, so there will be at least six people at the end of each month to be given points to.

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